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Annual reclassification to another billing class may occur pursuant to Peoples Tariff Section 7.

Peoples Gas' most recent tariff, approved and monitored by the Florida Public Service Commission, requires an annual review of customer billing to ensure that customers are placed in the correct rate class based on the volume of natural gas that is used.

For Tariff information, download the following documents. For your convenience, we have loaded each section separately according to topic, as illustrated below:

Sections 1-9

Section 1 PDF Icon - Title Page
Section 2 PDF Icon - Table of Contents
Section 3 PDF Icon - Service Territory
Section 4 PDF Icon - Technical Terms
Section 5 PDF Icon - Rules and Regulations
Section 6 PDF Icon - Communities Served
Section 7 PDF Icon - Rate Schedules
Section 8 PDF Icon - Standard Forms
Section 9 PDF Icon - Contracts and Agreements

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