In an effort to provide our customers greater support and service, Peoples Gas filed with the Florida Public Service Commission certain changes to its Natural Gas Tariff to improve our Alert Day Policy. The Public Service Commission issued the final order approving our changes on April 10, 2006. The order number for these changes is PSC-06-0203-TRF-GU.

The changes are:

Alert Day Applicability Modifications

  • PGS is now permitted to apply an Alert Day notice to the entire ITS customer base, to a specific region of its system, or to one or more individual customers.

Established a minimum Alert Day tolerance level equal to 6%

Reduced the penalty sharing mechanism to ITS customers

If you have any questions, please contact Gloria Glover at 813-228-1559.

Did you know ...

Cash-back rebates are available for natural gas appliance and equipment installation.