For Our Business Customers

We know you value clean, resilient natural gas to fuel your business and we thank you for choosing Peoples Gas to deliver it to you.

Here's a look at our base rates and service charges for business customers. 

Rising Costs for Natural Gas Supply Impacting Peoples Gas Bills

Energy costs are rising globally, from crude oil and coal to petroleum products. Due to changes in supply and demand, imports and exports, geopolitical events and unseasonable weather, natural gas costs have risen to the highest level since 2008.

Peoples Gas passes the cost of natural gas from suppliers to our customers through the Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA). We do not profit from charges for fuel purchased on behalf of our customers or any fuel cost adjustments.

The PGA reflects the fuel portion of a customer’s bill which can be adjusted monthly within an approved range. The range allows us flexibility: when fuel costs decrease, we pass those decreases on to our customers. When they increase, we also pass on those increases.

The PGA maximum factor, or cap, is approved by the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) each fall for the following year and is based on forecasted costs for natural gas. If these exceed the original forecast for an extended period of time, the PSC allows utilities to file a request to adjust the PGA cap within the year to cover the higher cost of natural gas.

Due to the rising costs for natural gas supply, Peoples Gas filed a request to the PSC to adjust the cap of our PGA from $1.19163 per therm to $1.70492 per therm. The PSC approved our request and the adjusted PGA will take effect in August 2022. Customers who buy their natural gas supply from Peoples Gas – typically residential and some small commercial customers – will be affected. Actual customer impact will depend on fluctuations in natural gas pricing and customer usage.

Helping you save

If you're thinking of replacing or upgrading equipment, we offer cash-back rebates. If you're looking for a way to budget your monthly costs, you may want to enroll in Budget Billing. You'll pay the same amount each month and avoid seasonal highs and lows.

We're here for you

We understand that customers may be facing unexpected financial hardships due to the coronavirus pandemic or other reasons and we are here to help.

We are proud to partner with non-profit organizations who provide assistance to those needing help, including during the pandemic. Should you need support, we offer assistance programs as well as flexible payment arrangements.