Florida's iconic natural environment is essential to our state in every way, and we make preservation, conservation and restoration of our natural resources and wildlife a priority.

Sustainability is at the core of how we do business, and we're committed to reducing our own carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions while also working with our customers to decrease theirs. By increasing efficiency, decreasing our own system emissions, and supporting the development and use of renewable natural gas, compressed natural gas and liquified natural gas, we're fully dedicated to meeting our environmental plan.

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EPA Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge Program

EPA Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge Program

Since 2016, Peoples Gas has been a partner in the Environmental Protection Agency's Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge, a voluntary program to reduce and report methane emissions. We transparently report systematic and comprehensive actions to reduce methane emissions and are publicly recognized as a leader in reducing methane emissions in the U.S. Our participation reduces operational risk, increases efficiency, betters sustainability, and demonstrates our concern for the environment, with benefits spanning from climate change and air quality improvements to energy efficiency and conservation.