Understanding Your Natural Gas Bill

Many of the charges you see on your monthly gas bill are actually operational costs to ensure natural gas is delivered to your home safely and reliably. These are fixed, recurring costs charged to customers regardless of gas usage. Here's a closer look at those charges:

Monthly Customer Charge

This monthly charge is fixed and applies to all customers. Peoples Gas cannot modify the cost of this charge without approval from the Florida Public Service Commission.

Distribution charge

This fixed charge reflects the cost per unit of gas used and also recovers all additional costs associated with delivering gas safely and reliably to your home or business. As a fixed rate, it cannot be changed without the approval of the Florida Public Service Commission.

Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA)

The purchased gas adjustment (PGA) is the cost of the natural gas supply that Peoples Gas has purchased for its customers. Peoples Gas does not make a profit on the cost for your gas supply but instead passes that amount straight through. The PGA fluctuates monthly because of the way it is calculated based on the current monthly price of gas, multiplied by the total therms used that month.

Taxes and fees

Included on each bill are applicable local and state taxes. Depending on your current balances, your bill may also include past-due or transferred amounts, service initiation, or deposit charges.

Bill Samples

This natural gas sample bill explains all of the terms and line items on a monthly statement from Peoples Gas. The back of your natural gas bill contains additional information.

If you need additional help understanding your natural gas bill, call 877-832-6747 and speak to a customer service representative.

Video tutorial of your bill

About Bill Estimating

In some cases, we rely on an estimate based on past customer usage. Meter estimation is used by utilities across the country. Each month, when we can't read a meter for some reason, we have to estimate.

When estimating meters, we use a multi-step calculation that takes into account your prior usage as well as recent weather impacts. This helps us to make an accurate estimate when a physical reading is not possible.

Any needed corrections will be reflected in your bill once an actual meter reading occurs, which is typically the month after a meter estimation.

Customers who want more control over seasonal variability in their natural gas bill may want to consider using energy-saving practices in their home. There are many things you can do at home to help reduce energy costs.