We work hard to make sure your natural gas service is always reliable – even in severe weather. While severe storms can cause power failures, it's rare that they will cause a major natural gas outage. In fact, gas outages are more commonly a result of damaged infrastructure caused by third parties. When this happens, our team members work diligently to quickly and safely restore your service.

How we respond to a natural gas outage

Since safety is our number-one priority, we follow carefully planned and established restoration procedures. These procedures not only ensure the safety of our customers and communities, they also allow us to get the largest number of customers back in service quickly.

Safety is our top priority

When major damage to a natural gas main occurs, the gas flow to the whole surrounding area needs to be shut off to ensure safety and facilitate repairs. This allows service technicians to safely purge the system and then refill it with natural gas. Once this is complete, our technicians will make a return visit to each affected customer and restore their natural gas.

Always ready with mobile command

A critical part of our restoration plan is our 35-foot mobile command center for Peoples Gas and Tampa Electric. It's ready to roll in any type of emergency in the region.

Safety priority image