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GHP solutions

GHP Solutions

Gas heat pump (GHP) air conditioning systems provide all-in-one high efficiency and cost-effective heating and cooling solutions for homes and businesses. Mainly powered by natural gas, GHP systems can lower operating costs, reduce CO2 emissions and potentially eliminate the need for electricity supply upgrades that may be required by electric heat pump systems. In some instances, the use of a GHP can decrease seasonal overloading of the electricity grid or reduce the demand for electricity during more expensive peak times.

  • Quiet operation.
  • Ductless option that provides more flexibility with installations.
  • Accommodation of up to 29 zones on one piping network.
  • VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) work only at the needed rate allowing for substantial energy savings at load conditions.
  • Ability to simultaneously heat specific zones while cooling others.
  • Lower operating costs.






Micro-combined cooling, heat and power

For an added level of resiliency, a micro-combined cooling, heat and power (mCCHP) system provides air conditioning and space heat like a traditional gas heat pump plus the benefit of onsite power generation for continuous or emergency back-up energy needs. Users can also realize additional energy savings with the system's ability to supplement water heating.




Lower GHP Rate

Lower GHP Rate

The Florida Public Service Commission approved a special, lower natural gas distribution rate for gas heat pump use in residential and commercial environments. Peoples Gas customers that use the energy-efficient technology at home will pay about $.16 lower per therm on their utility bill and will typically be qualified to buy competitively priced natural gas at a significantly reduced commodity cost. The combined utility and commodity savings can mean a reduction of 50 percent per therm or more for a residential GHP customer. Commercial customers will lower natural gas delivered cost by up to $.06 per therm. For more information, review the approved tariff.




Learn More

Learn More

Peoples Gas works with several manufacturers that offer GHP and mCCHP units for residential and commercial installation throughout Florida.




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