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Important COVID-19 Pandemic Message

During this unprecedented time, we continue to offer support to our community partners and organizations that provide essential services and basic needs in the communities we proudly serve. We are working diligently to identify and develop strategic plans to aid and assist these essential service providers through our newly announced COVID-19 relief and response initiative.

In the meantime, please continue to utilize our Benevity grant management platform for specific grant requests, including COVID-19 Response. Thank you for your service and support. Together we are building stronger and safer communities.

Corporate Citizenship WheelFor over 100 years, TECO has developed a significant legacy of investment in our community through financial contributions and volunteerism. Our participation and support impacts where we live, work, and serve.

By focusing our energy on building knowledgeable, innovative, healthy, and vibrant communities, we believe we can make a difference.

We want our customers and employees to experience that difference our investments are making to create stronger communities. We are becoming more strategic and intentional with how we partner and have identified the following community investment priorities:

  • Youth Programs & Education
  • Wellness & Well-being
  • Cultural Vitality
  • Growth & Innovation

Youth Programs & Education

Youth Programs & EducationWe are committed to building stronger communities and supporting the leaders of tomorrow. We are investing in opportunities for young people to learn and grow. These investments are helping us build a stronger, more diverse and inclusive team, and positioning our business as an employer of choice. Our focus is educational programs and initiatives that support science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM).

Wellness & Well-being

Wellness & Well-beingEmpowering ownership of individual health and wellness is part of TECO's commitment to our community, promoting food and family stability. Our commitment to safety starts with our team and extends to our partners, our communities and our environment. We are focused on supporting increasing mental health awareness, and research facilities with a focus on women, children and burn victims.

Cultural Vitality

Cultural VitalityAppreciation of arts and cultural education initiatives is engrained in our community engagement. We support organizations striving to eliminate human trafficking, homelessness and unemployment, and providing affordable housing. Conservation, preservation and restoration of wildlife and natural resources is a primary goal. Embedded in our strategy is practicing environmental stewardship through resiliency and renewable energy.

Growth & Innovation

Growth & InnovationInnovation is a key driver of growth for our business and our communities. We are committed to stimulating economic development efforts within the community. These efforts empower youth, women and minorities to participate in civic activities. We are investing in progress and growth in the community through job creation and innovative start-ups.

If your organization is interested in being a community partner, submit a support request application.

Please be prepared to submit your organization's mission, audited financial information, program services allocations, and predicted outcomes and success indicators of the event, program, or initiative, in which support is being requested.

Due to the large volume of requests, we manage all applications electronically and will contact you via email within four to six weeks from submission date with a status update of your request.

We are proud to work with organizations such as yours to build stronger, safer, and more innovative communities. We value the opportunity to join in support of our mission and appreciate your thoughtful consideration of TECO as a community partner.

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