Installing a CNG Station

Gas service for compressed natural gas vehicle refueling stations

Building a compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station allows your organization to take advantage of the many benefits offered by this alternative fuel.

We are excited that you are exploring this opportunity and want to make you aware that all CNG stations installed within Peoples Gas service territory must meet certain requirements. Please take a moment to review the company's process and what is required from customers.

All CNG stations should be separately metered and billed. This means that Peoples Gas should install a new gas meter and, when necessary, a service line for each CNG station that receives natural gas from Peoples Gas. Additional construction may be necessary to provide service.

Peoples Gas will need specific information completed on a Preliminary NGV Site Evaluation form. Please email the completed form to for each proposed installation.

Service Line and Meter Installation Process

The following describes the installation process followed by Peoples Gas to provide service to all CNG stations:

Installing a CNG Station

Step 1: Contact Peoples Gas at A Business Development Manager will be assigned to manage the request for gas service.

Step 2: Provide the Business Development Manager with all the information included on the Preliminary NGV Site Evaluation form.

Step 3: A Peoples Gas engineer will develop a cost estimate and construction schedule. Time to complete this step depends on the scope of the job. Verification of available pressure and pipeline capacity will be performed at this time. In some cases, the requested pressure and capacity will not be available.

Installing a CNG Station

Step 4: The site evaluation typically takes 2-6 weeks. The Business Development Manager will contact the customer to discuss the results and finalize plans to provide gas service. Dependent on a Peoples Gas economic feasibility study, an additional charge for gas service may be required.

Step 5: The Business Development Manager will provide a "General Services Agreement" for signature, which the customer must return (with payment, if required) before construction can begin.

Step 6: Once all necessary permits are received, Peoples Gas installs the service line, gas meter and any additional pipeline construction necessary to serve the CNG station.

Installing a CNG Station

Step 7: The natural gas meter will be installed once the station is complete and the customer receives an inspection approval from the local municipality for the gas "houseline" installed from the compressor/dryer up to the gas meter location before the gas meter is installed.

Step 8: The local municipality will notify Peoples Gas that the inspection has been completed for the gas houseline installed up to the gas meter.

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