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Commercial Vehicles

City Bus

Natural gas-fueled city bus.


Taxi fueled by natural gas.

Freightliner Tractor Truck

Natural gas-fueled Freightliner tractor truck.

Choice Side Loader

Choice Environmental waste refuse truck.

Republic Refuse Truck

Republic Services refuse fleet.

Veolia Refuse Truck

Veolia refuse truck.

Natural gas vehicles (NGVs) are particularly suited for commercial or industrial fleets. Fleets generally operate a number of vehicles that are centrally maintained and fueled. They also travel more miles daily than the average personal use vehicle and therefore can take better advantage of the lower price per gallon of natural gas. Among the fleets where use of NGVs is already growing are:

  • Refuse haulers
  • Taxi cabs
  • Over-the-road trucks
  • Transit buses
  • Ice resurfacers
  • Street sweepers
  • School buses
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Airport shuttles

See a comprehensive list of available natural gas fueled commercial vehicles.

Natural Gas Pricing

In 2008 Peoples Gas established a natural gas vehicle-only rate which was approved by the Florida Public Service Commission for commercial applications. In a Gasoline Gallon Equivalent (GGE), this NGV rate is approximately $1.46.

Compare the daily average price of gasoline or diesel by state or region.

Natural Gas Commercial Vehicle Incentives

The State of Florida offers a rebate of up to 50 percent of the incremental cost of an original equipment manufacturer natural gas vehicle or of the cost of converting a vehicle to run on natural gas - up to $25,000 per vehicle and up to $250,000 per applicant per fiscal year. Plus, natural gas vehicles will be exempt from state motor fuel taxes until 2019. Details on natural gas fleet vehicle rebates are posted on the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services website.

For more information about incentives for natural gas powered fleets, refer to the federal Department of Energy website below.

Alternative Fuel Tax Exemption

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