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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Peoples Gas requested that the PSC approve an increase to the Purchased Gas Adjustment cap of $0.51329 per therm, which brings the top end of the PGA up from $1.19163 to $1.70492 per therm. The PSC approved our request and the adjusted PGA range will take effect in August.

A. This is the first time Peoples Gas has filed for an adjustment to the PGA in 17 years. Factors like changes in supply and demand, exports, geopolitical events and unseasonable weather have all contributed to the rise in global natural gas prices. This increase has been seen across the energy sector and is forecasted to continue.

A. Most residential and some business customers buy their natural gas supply from Peoples Gas and we distribute it to their home or business. The charge for that supply, called the Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA), is a pass-through expense and reflects the fuel portion of a customer’s bill which can be adjusted monthly within a set range. This range enables Peoples Gas to offer its customers rates relative to fuel costs. Customers benefit from lower rates when fuel costs are low, and the reverse is true when fuel costs are higher. Peoples Gas does not profit from fuel cost adjustments. 

A. Customers who buy their natural gas supply from Peoples Gas will be affected by this adjustment beginning in August. Depending on fluctuations in natural gas pricing, customers may experience an increase in the purchased gas adjustment factor of up to $0.51329 per therm.

A. The cost of natural gas is set by global financial markets. National and international events, weather, exports and changes in supply and demand are factors in determining the cost. 

A. We partner with non-profit organizations who provide assistance to those needing help. Should you need assistance, we offer programs to support our residential and business customers as well as flexible payment arrangements for residential and business customers. We also provide opportunities for our customers to qualify for cash-back rebates through our residential and business conservation programs.

A. Our free online energy audit helps our residential customers manage their energy usage and spend. A variety of appliance calculators also are available to help customers pinpoint opportunities for savings. If you’re thinking of replacing or upgrading with more energy-efficient appliances, we offer cash-back rebates for residential and commercial customers.