For Our Residential Customers

We know you value clean, resilient natural gas to fuel your life and we thank you for choosing Peoples Gas to deliver it to your home.

The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) recently approved an increase to our base rates as well as adjustments to other charges. We are committed to safety and serving our customers, and we work hard to manage our business prudently. This is only our second increase in the past 15 years, and revised rates will help us safely and reliably operate the system while keeping pace with Florida’s growth and evolving customer expectations.

The increase varied by customer rate class and went into effect in January 2024. Impacts to the Customer Charge and Distribution Charge portions of your bill were less than we originally proposed, and the Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA), which reflects the cost of natural gas, decreased.

As part of our rate request, the PSC approved recovery for costs associated with our inaugural long-term debt issuance. Because our costs were based on a forecast, the PSC allowed for a true up once the debt issuance was completed. The true up is effective with July 2024 bills.

Typical residential customers with annual consumption between 100 and 249 therms and billed on the RS-2 rate will see an increase of around $0.06 on their total monthly bills.

View this table to see our rates, effective July 1, 2024.

As Florida grows, we must make investments in maintaining and expanding our system to continue to reliably serve our customers. The decision to raise rates is not an easy one for us. We know rising prices due to inflation are affecting families and businesses across the nation, including ours.

Helping you save

Here are some ways we can help you manage your energy usage and spend:

We're here for you

We understand that customers may be facing unexpected financial hardships and we are here to help.

We are proud to partner with non-profit organizations who provide assistance to those needing help, including during the pandemic. Should you need support, we offer assistance programs as well as flexible payment arrangements.