Committed to a higher standard

Peoples Gas invests more than $130 million each year to keep our natural gas system safe and reliable for our customers. In 2013, we set out to upgrade and replace 100 miles of cast iron, 354 miles of bare steel, and 524 miles of vintage plastic gas mains. At that time, the older pipe comprised about 8 percent of our 12,000 miles of distribution mains – all buried underground. Since January 2013, we have replaced 547 miles of this pipe.

Minimizing the impact on our communities

Cast iron and bare steel pipes were widely installed throughout the country for distribution of natural gas until the 1970s. Current standards call for pipe made of polyethylene or coated steel, which is more corrosion resistant. For that reason, we've been proactively replacing older and problematic pipes for more than a decade. Most of the work on our system will be done in the public rights of way and in front of residential properties. Any excavation will have minimal impact on the roads by using trenchless technology like directional drilling. Upon completion, disturbed areas will be restored to pre-project condition or better. All work is done at no expense to homeowners or local government.

Methane Challenge

The Methane Challenge Program provides a new mechanism through which U.S. oil and gas companies can make more specific and transparent commitments to reducing methane emissions. See how Peoples Gas has applied best management practices (BMPs) to mitigate and reduce methane emissions.

Where We're Working

View the service areas and maps where we're performing upgrades:

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