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Compressed Natural Gas

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Compressed natural gas (CNG) is one of the best low-emissions alternative fuels for medium and heavy-duty transportation vehicles. Providing up to a 95% reduction of air pollutants compared to diesel, no other transportation fuel is as sustainable, adaptive, and competitive across most applications and vehicle classes. 

Peoples Gas is the one source to provide safe, economical and reliable natural gas service and integrated fueling solutions for your fleet. We serve more than 54 CNG stations across Florida, and we help fleet operators transition from diesel to environmentally friendly and affordable CNG.  

Why CNG? 

  • Safe – Less flammable and safer than other fuels
  • High-performance - Natural gas has an octane rating of 130
  • Fuel price - Price is inherently more stable than other fuels
  • Reduced emissions – Exhaust emissions are lower than gasoline and diesel vehicles

It’s Clean  

CNG vehicles are clean, cost-effective, road tested, and commercially available, with a mature network of manufacturers, services and suppliers. Fleets that transition from diesel to CNG see a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Even better, CNG provides a clear, seamless and economical pathway to fueling with Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) to reduce emissions further. Learn more about RNG.  

It’s Resilient  

CNG is crucial during storm season in Florida. After hurricanes, operators may have a hard time accessing gasoline and diesel supplies, often dealing with long lines and delivery hurdles. CNG fueling stations help avoid these problems, providing a steady flow of natural gas for CNG-ready vehicles. 

It’s Affordable

The price of diesel is often more volatile than natural gas, and most fleet operators see tremendous savings with the use of CNG.

Watch this video to see how much Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) saved in one year alone.

> Want to learn more? Check out how the City of Orlando uses CNG to fuel their refuse haulers.

Do you have a fleet that can benefit from CNG? Contact us today to schedule a risk-free conversation at