Residential Vehicles

A number of manufacturers offer factory-built natural gas trucks, step-vans, transit buses and school buses, but for consumers who need light-duty cars, vans and pickup trucks there are fewer options

U.S. consumers have two options: pursuing one of the limited makes and models available from the EPA-certified conversion system manufacturers, or purchasing from a government auction of pre-owned fleet vehicles.

See a list of vehicles light duty vehicles that are currently available with existing natural gas fueling or can be ordered from the manufacturer as a natural gas powered vehicle.

Home Fueling Appliances

Natural gas home fueling appliances are available. These home filling stations consist of a simple small compressor that mounts on your garage wall or a pedestal and allow you to refuel overnight. The unit connects to the natural gas line that serves your home.

The unit runs on electricity and uses less watts than most small kitchen appliances.

HE Systems Technologies and Fuelmaker produce natural gas home fueling appliances.

Natural Gas Public Fueling Stations

Infrastructure is being developed and built across Florida to provide more public natural gas filling stations for compressed natural gas vehicles. Visit the Department of Energy site to find available fueling stations, plus those under construction.

Follow daily natural gas prices at public fueling stations.

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