Glossary of NGV-related Definitions

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Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV):
A vehicle with an engine designed to run on a fuel other than gasoline or diesel.

Bi-Fuel Natural Gas Vehicle:
A vehicle with an engine capable of running on either natural gas or some other fuel (usually gasoline).

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG):
This is a natural gas that is highly compressed and stored in high-pressure surface containers. Compressed natural gas is used extensively as a transportation fuel for automobiles, truck and buses.

Dedicated NGV:
A vehicle that can be fueled only by natural gas.

Direct Use:
Direct use involves burning natural gas directly at end-use applications such as furnaces, water heaters and other natural gas appliances or vehicles. This is as opposed to burning natural gas for electric generation which would then be used to power the same appliances or electric vehicles in a less efficient manner due to energy losses incurred during generation and transportation.

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Gas Gallon Equivalent (GGE):
A unit for measuring compressed natural gas sold at public fueling stations and comparing fuel efficiencies.

Home Fueling Appliance:
A natural gas fueling component that contains both compressor and fueling equipment which is sized for residential time fill use.

Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV):
A vehicle powered by compressed natural gas.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

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Public Fueling Station:
Refers to a fueling station that is accessible to the general public.

Quick Fill:
Refers to the process of fueling a vehicle with natural gas in approximately the same time it would take to fuel the same vehicle with liquid fuels such as gasoline or diesel.

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Time Fill:
A method of fueling a vehicle with natural gas over an extended period of time, usually six to eight hours.

Vehicle Conversion:
Retrofitting a vehicle engine to run on natural gas.

Vehicle Refueling Appliance:
A natural gas fueling component that contains both compressor and fueling equipment.

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