Natural Gas Equipment

Natural Gas Equipment for Commercial and Industrial Use

Today's natural gas appliances and equipment offer economical and environmentally sound options and add value and savings to your enterprise.

Some of the advantages you can expect are:

  • Quick response water heating
  • Precision control ranges and cooktops
  • Environmentally friendly furnace and space heating
  • Fast and most efficient source for industrial heat and drying applications

When you choose natural gas, you're choosing an energy source that is:

  • Safe and reliable
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • A domestic fuel
  • Environmentally friendly

Clean and efficient natural gas can significantly lower the carbon emissions of any business. And incorporating natural gas into your building plan can help you achieve the scores needed to meet standards of green building programs including the Florida Green Building Coalition (FBGC), Energy Star ©, and LEED.

For information about specific types of natural gas equipment and technologies, visit the following resources:

Steps to Install or Convert Natural Gas Equipment

Peoples Gas provides natural gas service to commercial and industrial users of all sizes, and our team is ready to help make America's clean and reliable energy choice a part of your business.

Get Started

  1. Contact your local account manager or call 877 TECO PGS for assistance with your energy needs.
  2. Your local account manager will discuss the latest natural gas technologies and help you to determine the most suitable equipment for your business needs.
  3. Once you have your equipment needs addressed, select an installing contractor.
  4. Peoples Gas will work with you and your installing contractor to best suit your needs and create little or no downtime for your business.
  5. After installation, collect your rebate from your contractor or Peoples Gas. When collecting from Peoples Gas, you'll need proof of purchase and installation and a completed energy conservation rebate form.
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