While TECO Peoples Gas owns and maintains the natural gas piping from the street to your meter, natural gas customers are responsible for maintaining any natural gas lines from the meter to the point of use.

Customer-Owned Piping
In all cases, customers are responsible for maintaining the gas line beyond the meter, TECO Peoples Gas.

People using natural gas have pipes from the gas meter to the point of use. These lines may be above or below ground. For example:

  • To a detached garage, shed or workshop.
  • To a swimming pool heater, gas light or outdoor gas grill.
  • Under some manufactured homes.
Buried metal piping will corrode

Natural gas pipes that are buried in the ground can leak and metal pipes deteriorate with age, causing a potentially dangerous situation. For safety's sake, have your gas pipes inspected periodically, and repair them as needed.

Plumbing or heating contractors can provide assistance with inspection, repairs and maintenance, if necessary. TECO Peoples Gas will be happy to discuss your situation with you.

Download a handy guide to customer-owned piping in English or Spanish.

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