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Understanding Your Bill

Understanding Your Natural Gas Bill

Much of the Peoples Gas cost for operating and maintaining a safe and reliable system to deliver natural gas to your home or business is incurred regardless of how much gas you use or don't use.

This Residential natural gas sample bill pdficon explains all of the terms and line items on a monthly statement from Peoples Gas. The back of your natural gas bill pdficon contains additional information.

Your natural gas bill consists of these charges:

Every customer receives a monthly customer charge on each bill. This charge is fixed and cannot be changed by the company without the approval from the Florida Public Service Commission.

The distribution charge, the cost per unit of gas used, recovers all additional costs associated with delivering gas safely and reliably to your home or business. This is a fixed rate and cannot be changed without the approval of the Florida Public Service Commission.

The purchased gas adjustment (PGA) is the cost of the natural gas supply that Peoples Gas has purchased for its customers. Peoples Gas does not make a profit on the cost for your gas supply but instead passes that amount straight through. The PGA fluctuates monthly because of the way it is calculated based on the current monthly price of gas, multiplied by the total therms used that month.

Taxes and fees include local and state taxes, as applicable. Your bill may also include past due or transferred amounts, service initiation charges or a deposit charge.

If you need additional help understanding your natural gas bill, call 877-832-6747 and speak to a customer service representative.

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