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Tariff Customer Reclass

Annual reclassification to another billing class may occur pursuant to Peoples Tariff Section 7

Peoples Gas' most recent tariff, approved and monitored by the Florida Public Service Commission, requires an annual review of customer billing to ensure that customers are placed in the correct rate class based on the volume of natural gas that is used.

This review was done in June of 2010. If the customer's usage indicated they should be in a different rate class then the account was moved to the new rate class. The adjustment may be, but is not always, an increase.

Changes for Residential customers:

  • The customer charge is the only component of the bill that will change since the distribution rate is the same for all residential customers.
  • If the residential customer usage crossed over (used more or less) than 2,000 therms then both the customer charge and distribution rate will change.

Changes for Commercial customers:

  • The customer charge and the distribution rate will change based on new rate class.

Please refer to the "Special Conditions" in the customer's appropriate rate schedule in Section 7 PDF Icon of Peoples Gas tariff. For a Residential Customer, see Tariff 7.201-1 Special Condition No. 3

If you have additional questions, please call a Customer Care Representative at 1 877 TECO PGS (1-877-832-6747).