Water Heaters

  • Heats water up to twice as fast as electricity and provides comfort during a power outage
  • Tankless technology heats water on demand and is up to 40% more energy efficient
  • Tankless models are durable, lasting 20 years on average
Tankless Water Heater
Tankless Features
  • Continuous supply of hot water
  • Burner turns on only when water flows
  • Small cabinet allows for wall mounting inside or outside home
Tankless Benefits
  • Never runs out of hot water
  • Extremely efficient. Up to 70% savings over electric water heaters and up to 50% savings over standard gas water units
  • Space-savings from 12 to 15 square feet
Tank Water Heater
Tank Features
  • Heats water faster
  • No electricity needed
  • Quick heating at less cost
Tank Benefits
  • Twice the hot water in half the recovery time of electric units
  • Operates through power outages
  • Extremely efficient and cost effective
  1. Call Peoples Gas at 877 TECO PGS to find out if energy saving natural gas is available for your home.
  2. Choose your natural gas appliance(s).
  3. Select an installing contractor. Find a listing for your area.
  4. After installation, collect your rebate (if applicable) from your contractor or Peoples Gas. Learn more about Peoples Gas' rebate requirements and how to submit a request.
  • Install flow-restricting devices in showers and faucets.
  • Lower water heater thermostat settings to 120 degrees F. and dishwasher thermostat to 140 degrees F.
  • Install an insulated water-heater wrap on tank units.
  • Insulate exposed hot water lines.
  • Take showers, not baths and limit shower length to 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Turn off your tank water heater when your home is vacant.
  • Drain your tank water heater and flush sediment each year.
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