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Individual Transportation Service

This service is available to firm and interruptible customers that use 182,500 therms per year or more and own gas that is made available for individual transportation service on the Peoples Gas distribution system.

Customers under rate schedules GS-3, GS-4, GS-5, NGVS, WHS, SIS, IS, ISLV and CIS are eligible for this service.

Telemetry service is required, which allows access to daily usage information to help you manage your gas usage and purchasing. The daily usage information is posted daily on Peoples' website which can only be accessed once your contract has been finalized.  Telemetry equipment is purchased by the customer and owned and maintained by Peoples.  Customer must furnish phone line used to communicate with telemetry equipment.

To get started, complete and submit the Request for Transportation Services form located on the Agreements and Forms tab.

Get Started

For more information about the ITS service, contact:

Gloria Glover
Supervisor, Transportation Services

Deposit Policy

Deposit Policy (Peoples Gas Tariff Section 5.301)

Access the forms and agreements needed to transport natural gas on the Peoples Gas system.

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