Peoples Gas Named Among Industry Leaders for Accident Prevention

Recently, Peoples Gas was recognized by the American Gas Association (AGA) as an industry leader in accident prevention. Our team members are fostering a culture for safety by avoiding serious injury through proactive safety training, enhanced reporting technology, and updated job procedures and policies. And their efforts have been noticed – we achieved better than the industry standard for days away, restricted or transferred from work (DART).

“Creating a safety culture is our top priority at Peoples Gas,” said Luke Buzard, Vice President of Pipeline Safety and Regulatory Affairs. “Not only does this recognition applaud all of our team members who proactively work to prevent and mitigate serious accidents and injuries, but it also validates  our commitment to providing the education, training, and support they need to do their job safely.”

Peoples Gas offers extensive resources to our team members and the community with regard to safety, awareness and injury prevention. Our commitment to safety begins with training and looking to best practices. In 2017, our efforts to enhance safety and training for our team members were amplified with the opening of our GasWorX training facility in Tampa. The facility features a simulation of a small functioning community, allowing team members and apprentices to understand the hazards and risks of their work.

In addition to professional training, Peoples Gas hosts a variety of safety-focused campaigns throughout the year. Our annual Team Challenge encourages team members to stay active in order to prevent physical injury, and the 100 Days of Summer campaign highlights different aspects of injury or illness prevention that can be mitigated or avoided while working in the heat.

Peoples Gas shares our commitment to safety with our customers and communities through our website, social media and outreach. For more information, visit


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