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Preparing for Severe Weather

Key Things to Know

  1. If you smell natural gas (the odor of rotten eggs) or notice damage to natural gas equipment, move to safety, call 911, then call Peoples Gas at 877-832-6747.

  2. Ask for ID. All Peoples Gas team members and contractors have photo ID badges. For safety reasons, a gas technician may need to access the appliances in your home or business. Always ask to see an ID before allowing entry.

  3. Use care when clearing fallen trees and other debris after severe weather. Call 811 and allow at least two full business days before digging roots, repairing fences or doing other work that requires digging to avoid damaging underground utility lines. Please be patient and wait for local utilities to mark the area with flags or paint, making it easier to dig safely.

  4. If natural gas service has been shut off at your home or business, call Peoples Gas at 877-832-6747 to arrange for service to be restored.

  5. Be aware of scams. Peoples Gas will never call to demand immediate payment and threaten disconnection. Be wary of scammers that pressure for payment with a credit card, gift card or payment app. We just don’t do it. If you suspect a scam, call us at 877-832-6747 to verify the request.

What We're Doing

We're focused on the safety of our pipelines, our people and the communities we serve.

While we watch the storm’s track, we encourage you to prepare now to safeguard your loved ones and property. Visit our Storm Safety webpage for resources to help you stay ready and safe.

Most natural gas infrastructure is underground so it’s resilient and will likely operate uninterrupted throughout the storm.

What You Can Do

Leave natural gas service on at the meter.

Leaving your natural gas meter on helps to maintain proper pressure in the gas piping within your home or business and can prevent water from entering the lines should flooding occur. Most natural gas appliances have safety valves that will shut off the flow of natural gas automatically if the pilot light goes out.

The valve at the meter should be turned on or off only be a qualified Peoples Gas representative or emergency personnel. Customers may choose to turn off natural gas to individual appliances using the supply value at each unit.

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