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Storms & Safety

If You Smell Gas
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Natural gas has no odor, so as a safety measure, the industry adds a rotten egg smell to help detect any leaks that might occur. Learn the steps you need to take in the event of a natural gas leak.

Call Before You Dig
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Call 811 at least two full business days before you start any digging project. Whether you are planning to do it yourself or hire a professional, call 811 before each job.

Pipeline Awareness
Pipeline Awareness

Natural gas is a proven safe and reliable fuel. Peoples Gas has programs in place to ensure its safe use. Learn how to recognize the signs of natural gas, spot a leak, identify pipelines and stay safe around them.

Storm Safety
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We prepare year-round for storm season and make it a priority to provide safe, reliable service to you. Learn more about how you and your family can prepare for storm season. The better you plan, the better off you and your family will be when a storm hits.

Safety Tips
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Safety is our number one priority. Natural gas is one of the safest fuels available when used properly. Read our safety tips for operating your appliances, plus other general safety tips.

Report Gas Leaks - Call 1-877 TECO PGS (1-877-832-6747)

In an Emergency: Peoples Gas is available 24-hours a day to respond to natural gas emergencies. Call 1-877 TECO PGS (1-877-832-6747) immediately if you smell gas or if you think you have come in contact with gas transmission piping while digging.

Leaks are given the utmost priority. Do not e-mail this information. Call us immediately.
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