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Hurricane Irma Alert: TECO Peoples Gas urges customers to leave gas on

Follow emergency guidelines if evacuated

As TECO Peoples Gas officials continue to track Hurricane Irma, the company is prepared for any natural gas emergencies created by the hurricane or its aftermath. When the hurricane affects Florida, Peoples Gas advises customers to leave their natural gas service on, even in the event of an evacuation. Customers should not attempt to turn gas off at their meters.

"The best and safest action for our customers is to follow emergency guidelines issued by the State Emergency Response Team," said T.J. Szelistowski, president of TECO Peoples Gas. "Our crews are standing by to handle any gas-related emergencies created by Hurricane Irma."

For safety reasons, Peoples Gas may need to turn off some customers' service at the meter. If customers find their gas service has been shut off, they will need to call the Peoples Gas Customer Care Center at 877-TECO-PGSCall: 877-TECO-PGS (877-832-6747Call: 877-832-6747) to have service restored.

If at any time residents smell a rotten egg or sulfur-like odor, there could be a natural gas leak. Residents should leave the premises immediately and then call the Peoples Gas 24-hour Emergency Gas Leak number: 1-877-832-6747Call: 1-877-832-6747, say “emergency” or select option 8. Please note that Peoples Gas employees can only respond when sustained wind speeds are below 40 mph.

Customers who suspect their natural gas appliances have been flooded or damaged due to the storm should have the equipment inspected and serviced by a qualified plumber or appliance-service contractor.

Other helpful hints in the event of an evacuation:

  • Before evacuating, please first review the evacuation route information on the
  • Florida Division of Emergency Management Web site (
  • Roads may be closed to facilitate better traffic flow.
  • Have a functioning battery powered radio to monitor emergency information.
  • Make plans for pets as they are extremely vulnerable and are not allowed at most shelters.
  • For more information, visit

Peoples Gas System, Florida's largest natural gas distribution utility, serves about 370,000 customers across Florida. Peoples Gas is a subsidiary of Emera Inc., a geographically diverse energy and services company headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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