Zero in on where you can save energy and money with our free Online Energy Audit


Peoples Gas wants to help you save energy and money with our free Online Energy Audit

With more people working from home, many households have noticed an increase in their energy usage. But even though you are spending more time at home, there are still are opportunities to save energy and money. Our Peoples Gas energy experts are here to help. We have developed two free Online Energy Audit tools that can help you zero in on where you can improve energy use and find savings. You will receive personalized tips for no-cost and low-cost home improvements to help you stretch your energy dollars further.

When you are ready to start, go to from any computer or mobile device. Select which audit you would like to complete, from there you will be prompted to answer a few easy questions about your home. Here is more information on the available options: 

Personalized Online Energy Audit: This exclusive in-depth fully customized report takes your home’s actual energy consumption into consideration to provide you with the tips and information you need. You will need to log in to your Peoples Gas account or register for a username to receive your customized report.

Our energy experts recommend the personalized Online Energy Audit for Peoples Gas customers and encourage you to revisit your customized audit throughout the year and don’t forget to update your audit when you install new appliances and make lifestyle changes.

Simple Online Energy Audit: This option is perfect if you want some quick tips based on your answers to a few questions or if you are considering adding natural gas appliances in your home but not yet a Peoples Gas customer. Your results will provide you with a better picture of what your savings could be with natural gas.

The Simple Online Energy Audit is even quicker to complete. However, it will not give you a customized report. This online audit provides a report with estimated usage based on the home profile and local weather data.  

If you choose the simple Online Energy Audit, we encourage you to complete the personalized audit when you have more time and the ability to use your Peoples Gas account information.

After you have answered the questions, you can click “Show Analysis” to discover opportunities for improvement.  You can also click the “Bill Analysis” tab, here you can view a detailed breakdown of the energy consumption in your home. When you are ready to upgrade to more efficiency and savings, don’t forget to check out our conservation rebates available for customers who add natural gas appliances

After you have reviewed your results, we encourage you to also take a look at our online Energy Calculators. You will not need to log in, these calculators are free and available to everyone. They will help you to perform energy saving scenarios to even further pinpoint opportunities for savings by comparing the costs of your energy options by specific appliances.

Still not convinced? Click here to learn even more about our new Online Energy Audit. 

Why are energy audits important?

Help find the issues you did not know existed. Every house and every household is different, you may have fewer people living in your home than your neighbor or you might have an additional appliance making it very difficult to accurately compare energy usage and attempting to determine how efficient your home is. Performing an energy audit developed by experts could be your first step in identifying if you have any hidden problems.

Help you prioritize repairs.  An audit could be a helpful tool in helping to prioritize future upgrades and purchasing new appliances. For example, even though your older hot water heater is still working but not running efficiently, it could financially be worth your while to upgrade earlier than planned if the energy cost savings are significant. When you add new gas appliances you may be eligible for cash-back rebates.  

Make your home more comfortable. Following through with key recommendations from your audit could help make your indoor air temperature more stable throughout the day or help generate hot water quicker when you need it.  These are benefits you can feel and will appreciate every day.

Reduce your carbon footprint. Performing an energy audit will show you where to make improvements that will reduce your overall energy usage and improve your carbon footprint.

So, what are you waiting for? Both of our online audits are easy and convenient to use. And we think you will be happy to see how natural gas appliances can help you save energy at home! Click here to start your energy audit.