Conservation Rebates

With natural gas, you can add value to your home with natural gas appliances and save on your overall energy costs. Plus, through the Peoples Gas energy conservation program, you may be eligible for cash-back allowances, designed to help you start saving right away. Some restrictions apply. Click on the Requirements tab to learn more.

Per the Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC), the following allowances are effective for appliances.

Natural Gas Appliance Replace Electric with Natural Gas Replace Natural Gas with Natural Gas Replace Oil with Natural Gas
Tank Water Heating $500 $350 $0
High Efficiency Tank Water Heating2 $550 $400 $0
Tankless Water Heating3 $675 $550 $0

Central Heating or Wall Furnace4

$725 $500 Up to $330
Cooking5 $200 $100 $0
Clothes Drying $150 $100 $0
Space Heating6 $65 $0 Up to $330
  1. Allowances are available for Peoples Gas customers, for those looking to become Peoples Gas customers or a landlord of a rental property with natural gas service. Customer has up to one year from date of appliance purchase to submit for energy conservation rebates.
  2. In order to qualify for the High Efficiency standard tank water heater rebate, the natural gas appliance must meet the Energy Star criteria. For more information, visit Energy Star.
  3. Unit size restrictions apply.
  4. Thermostatically controlled vented system with blower.
  5. Grills and outdoor kitchens do not qualify for the cooking appliance rebate.
  6. Firelogs do not qualify as Space Heating.

Email Email Icon or call 877 TECO PGS (877-832-6747) with any questions.

In order to qualify for an Energy Conservation Rebate, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Replace your old appliances with new energy-efficient natural gas appliances.
  2. Be an existing Peoples Gas customer, be in the process of becoming a Peoples Gas customer or a landlord of a rental property with natural gas service.
  3. Complete and submit the applicable rebate application form on the Request a Rebate tab along with electronic copies of your sales invoice(s) and receipt(s) for purchase and installation of appliance(s).

Peoples Gas will not pay a rebate for the following:

  • Used appliances.
  • Equipment that is more than one-year old from purchase date on receipt.
  • Customers who do not have an account with Peoples.
  • A dryer in a residence where the builder previously received a New Construction rebate on the piping stub out.
  • Firelogs.
  • Grills.
  • Any propane conversions.
  • Point of service tankless water heaters. (To qualify for a rebate, tankless units must provide a minimum of 5 gallons per minute.)
  • Appliances that were purchased from Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, Salvation Army or any other thrift stores.

Other restrictions may apply. Please contact Peoples Gas for more information.
Peoples Gas will pay a maximum of two allowances for the same type of appliances installed (water heating or heating).

Email Email Icon or call 877 TECO PGS (877-832-6747) with any questions.

We make it easy to request a rebate!

Before you begin, please review the Requirements tab and have an electronic copy or scan of your dated installation and appliance invoice(s) saved to your computer. As a security precaution, the online application form will "time out" after sitting idle for an extended period of time. To avoid any inconvenience, you will want to have your electronic documents ready to upload.

When you're ready, complete and submit the appropriate rebate application form below within 12 months from date of appliance purchase.

Choose the applicable rebate:

Once you submit the application, you will receive an enrollment/confirmation number that you can use to access your application. Be sure to write down and save the enrollment/confirmation number. Email or call 877 TECO PGS (877-832-6747) with any questions.

To access an existing application, simply click on the applicable link below and enter the enrollment/confirmation number you received when you initially submitted your application. This will allow you to make changes and upload any required files.

Helpful tips when applying for a rebate:

  1. Upload the paid receipt for your appliance and installation to your computer. Receipts need to show that the appliance and installation are paid in full or have a "0" balance.
  2. If previous appliance information is unknown, enter N/A or Unknown.
  3. If you do not know the license number for your contractor, use 1234.
  4. If the expiration date is unknown, enter a future date.
  5. Use the drop-down boxes for calendar dates
  6. If the application status shows Closed, the rebate has been processed and you should receive a check within two weeks.
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