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Conserve and Save

Not only is natural gas environmentally-friendly and reliable, but North America's abundant and accessible supply satisfies a growing demand at affordable prices. Along with natural gas' energy value, Peoples Gas offers substantial cash-back rebates to help with the purchase and initial installation costs of natural gas appliances.

Lighten your carbon footprint

When one average Florida household switches a non-gas water heater to a natural gas tankless water heater, it reduces the household carbon footprint by approximately 3,000 pounds every year. That's about the size of an average rhinoceros.

If just 10,000 Floridians made the switch to natural gas, the state's carbon footprint would be reduced by 15,000 tons. Saving 15,000 tons of carbon is equivalent to recycling about 4,700 tons of waste instead of sending to a landfill, or removing the emissions of nearly 2,500 automobiles on Florida roads each year.*

Check our zip code locator or call your local number listed below or the statewide toll free number to find out if natural gas is available to you.

*Source: U.S. Department of Environmental Protection Agency

Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas is the one energy source that is:

  • Efficient,
  • Reliable,
  • Safe,
  • Carbon-friendly,
  • Produced in America and
  • Economical.

Use natural gas for home heating, hot water, cooking and clothes drying – even everyday luxuries like spa and pool heating, outdoor lighting and indoor or outdoor fireplaces – all while saving up to 60 percent on certain energy costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions up to 70 percent.