Our Rate Request

Our Rate Request

Our Rate Request

A lot has changed in 12 years.

What hasn't is our more than 120 years of tradition and pride in fueling Florida's homes and businesses with safe, resilient and clean natural gas. And our base rates. In fact, in 2019, we reduced our rates by passing benefits created by the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to our customers. Very few businesses can say that their rates or prices have remained unchanged or even declined over a period of more than a decade.

While we have kept costs stable in an effort to avoid customer rate increases for the past 12 years, a combination of necessary infrastructure investments, increases in the cost of construction, evolving customer expectations, investments in technology, and increased operations requirements now causes us to seek rate relief. The increase in base rates will enable us to continue to deliver safe, resilient, clean natural gas throughout Florida.

How do our rates compare?

Here's a look at our 2021 rates for typical residential customers with annual consumption between 100 and 249 therms and billed on the RS-2 rate compared with other monthly utility bills.

Proposed RS2 Compared to other Utilities Chart

Our Filing

After deferring our original filing for 60 days as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, on June 8, 2020 Peoples Gas filed a petition with the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) requesting a future increase in base rates that would take effect in early 2021. While we have kept costs stable in an effort to avoid customer rate increases for 12 years, we requested an increase in base rates to enable us to continue to deliver natural gas throughout Florida.

In October, representatives from Peoples Gas and the intervening parties, including the Office of Public Counsel, met and agreed to file a joint motion requesting the PSC approve a settlement. As a result of the settlement, which was approved on Nov. 19, the impact to customers' bills will be less than we originally proposed.

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