TECO Peoples Gas Taking Over Gas System in Jacksonville Apartment Complex

New natural gas pipes could be installed in Valencia Way Apartments starting this weekend

TECO Peoples Gas, Florida’s largest natural gas utility, has agreed to extend its natural gas system and will install new pipes in the Valencia Way Apartment complex in Jacksonville.

Construction could begin this weekend, weather permitting, and is expected to take four to six weeks.

Residents of Valencia Way have had no natural gas service since Oct. 2, due to safety issues with the legacy system, which is not owned by Peoples Gas. After the property owner made several attempts to repair decades-old pipes, it was determined that rebuilding the underground system was the safest option.

Peoples Gas is working closely with city leaders and the property owner to get a solution in place as quickly and as safely as possible, so the residents of Valencia Way can get gas service within a few weeks.

“Safety is our No. 1 priority, and we are happy to help with Valencia Way. We are doing everything we can to accelerate this process to ensure these residents have safe and reliable access to natural gas,” said T.J. Szelistowski, president of Peoples Gas. “Thanks to our strong community partners, these residents will have service restored as quickly as possible.”

Previously, Peoples Gas provided gas to the complex’s two main meters, and the property owner was responsible for distributing the natural gas to individual tenants. When construction is complete, Peoples Gas will provide natural gas service to 39 individual buildings. The property owner will continue to be responsible for distributing the natural gas to tenants within each building.

Peoples Gas responds to all calls reporting the smell of gas, in the interest of public safety. If you smell natural gas or suspect a natural gas leak, move to a safe location and call us at 877-TECO-PGS (877-832-6747). We have representatives ready to answer calls about leaks or other natural gas emergencies 24/7.

Peoples Gas System, Florida’s largest natural gas distribution utility, serves 400,000 customers across Florida. Peoples Gas is a subsidiary of Emera Inc., a geographically diverse energy and services company headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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