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Electric to Gas

In order to qualify for the Electric to Natural Gas (EtoG) Replacement Rebates, Peoples Gas customers must replace their existing electric appliances with a new commercial grade natural gas appliance. Customers must have an active Peoples Gas Meter to qualify for any rebate.

Customers must also fall within one of the following Business Categories:

  • Small & Large Food - Defined as commercial establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of prepared food & drinks for on premise or immediate consumption. Caterers and institutional food services establishments are also included in this industry.
    • Small Food – Customer's annual consumption is less than 9,000 therms.
    • Large Food – Customer's annual consumption is greater than 9,000 therms.
  • Commercial Other – Defined as commercial customers who are not associated with the food service, hospitality or cleaning industries. Customer's annual consumption is greater than 4,000 therms.
  • Hospitality & Lodging – Defined as commercial establishments known to the public as hotels, motor hotels, motels, or tourist courts that are primarily engaged in providing lodging or lodging and meals for the general public.
  • Cleaning Services & Laundromat – Defined as commercial establishments primarily engaged in operating mechanical laundries with steam or other power and engaged in supplying laundered or dry cleaned clothing on a contract or fee basis.

If you do not qualify based on the Business Categories, your Electric to Natural Gas conversion may qualify under our existing Electric Resistance Replacement Program. Click the link to see if you qualify.

Available Commercial Electric to Natural Gas Replacement Rebates for qualified businesses include:

How to use these tables: (1) Find the appliance you are installing. (2) If Tank Water Heater or Range, determine *Business Category.

Tankless Water Heater
All Categories
Rebate $2,500
Tank Water Heater
Small Food
Rebate $1,500
Tank Water Heater
All Categories Except Small Food
Rebate $2,000
Small Food
Rebate $1,500
Large Food & Hospitality
Rebate $1,500
All Categories
Rebate $3,000
All Categories
Rebate $1,500

Please review the requirements prior to requesting a rebate.

Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas is the one energy source that is:

  • Efficient,
  • Reliable,
  • Safe,
  • Carbon-friendly,
  • Produced in America and
  • Economical.

Natural gas is the best choice for commercial and industrial applications that require efficient heating applications – water heaters and boilers, restaurant kitchen equipment, pool/spa heaters, space heating and more – all while saving on certain energy costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.