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  • Cash-back rebates for your Cleaning Service & Laundromat business

    The Peoples Gas Energy Conservation Allowance program as approved by the Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC) is designed to help the natural gas customer offset costs initiated with piping and installations of natural gas appliances.

    In order to qualify for Cleaning Service & Laundromat Conservation Rebates, you must be a Commercial Cleaning Service and Laundromat natural gas customer. Cleaning Services & Laundromats are defined as establishments primarily engaged in operating mechanical laundries with steam or other power or establishments primarily engaged in supplying laundered work clothing on a contract or fee basis.

    Appliance Replacement/Retrofit
    Water Heater $2,000
    Tankless Water Heater $2,500
    Dryer $1,500
    In order to receive an Energy Conservation Rebate, you must meet the following criteria:
    • All requests for Commercial Gas Allowance Rebates must be pre-approved by TECO Peoples Gas.
    • Appliances must be purchased on or after January 14, 2014.
    • Meet the requirements of a Commercial Rebate type.
    • Install the appropriate commercial grade natural gas appliance or equipment. (Contact a representative at 877-832-6747 to determine if your appliance or equipment is eligible for the rebate.)
    • Complete and submit a Request for Request for Commercial Gas Allowance Form PDF Document along with copies of your sales invoice(s) and receipt(s) for purchase and installation of appliance(s).
    • Be an existing Peoples Gas customer or be in the process of becoming a Peoples Gas customer.
    Peoples Gas will not pay a rebate for the following:
    • Non-commercial grade equipment.
    • Used appliances.
    • Leased appliances.
    • Equipment that is more than one-year old from purchase date on receipt.
    • Customers who do not have an account with Peoples Gas.
    • Any propane conversions.
    • Pool heating.

    Other restrictions may apply. Please contact Peoples Gas for more information.

    Call 877 TECO PGS (877-832-6747).

  • Program Restrictions

    Peoples Gas reserves the right to alter or discontinue this program or related rebates at any time without notice.

    Making false statements on any Peoples Gas rebate application is punishable by law. Any and all funds determined, in Peoples Gas sole discretion, to have been acquired on the basis of fraudulent or misrepresented information must be returned to the Program. Peoples Gas may refuse payment and participation if the signatory(ies), applicant(s), or customer(s) violate program standards. Peoples Gas is not liable for rebates promised to customers as a result of a contractor misrepresenting the program.

    Peoples Gas may schedule and conduct a post-installation verification prior to payment of any rebate. The actual rebate amount will be determined based on the verification, and may vary from the original estimate.

    To request your rebate. Just follow these five steps:

    1. Choose the Program you are applying for and download the application:
    2. Option 1: Complete the form on your computer, making sure to fill in all applicable fields.
      Option 2: Print out the application and fill in the requested information.
    3. Either E-Sign the PDF form and save on your computer for your records. (If you have an older browser, you may need to download Adobe Reader.) OR sign the printed application.
      • If you are a contractor applying for the rebate – be sure to have the customer sign the blue box at the bottom of the application assigning the rebate to the contractor.
      • If you are a customer applying for the rebate – only sign the green box at the bottom of the application.
    4. Scan the following documents and save on your computer for your records:
      • Proof of Purchase – a PAID, clear legible copy of your itemized purchase receipt including: purchase price per appliance, date of purchase, quantity of each appliance, appliance description, size, manufacturer, model number, serial number, and total cost.
      • Proof of Installation – a PAID, clear legible copy of your itemized installation receipt including: installation costs per appliance, date of installation, total cost, installing contractor's name, address and phone number.
        NOTE: Quotes, Proposals or Invoices showing a balance due will not be accepted.
      • Include the Specification Sheet for each new natural gas appliance installed. See an example. PDF Document
      • Attach photographs of the previous electric or gas appliances at customer location/premise.
      • Attach clear legible photographs of the serial numbers for each new appliance installed.
      • If you are installing more than 3 appliances, attach additional worksheets showing the appliance information.
    5. Email the above listed items with your signed application to: Email Icon .
    6. All applications and accompanying worksheets will be reviewed for completeness and eligibility. If paperwork does not meet program requirements as specified on the second page of the application, Peoples Gas will notify the Customer via email specifying the basis for rejection of the application within approximately 5 business days from receipt of application. Incomplete information may delay or disqualify your rebate. Allow up to 12 weeks for complete processing.

    Please review the specific qualifications for each program by clicking the links to the right. Customer has up to 12 months from date of appliance purchase to submit for energy conservation rebates. Used, leased or refurbished equipment does not qualify. Peoples Gas reserves the right to verify the equipment installation prior to payment of rebates. Peoples Gas reserves the right to require pre-verification for program eligibility under certain circumstances.

    Rebates are available for Peoples Gas customers only. Customers may elect to receive a rebate check or have rebate made payable to the appliance dealer or plumbing contractor and have their contractor bill reduced by that amount. Rebate payments will not exceed the total amount paid for the total costs for appliance and installation, and are limited to the posted amount for each appliance.

Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas is the one energy source that is:

  • Efficient,
  • Reliable,
  • Safe,
  • Carbon-friendly,
  • Produced in America and
  • Economical.

Natural gas is the best choice for commercial and industrial applications that require efficient heating applications – water heaters and boilers, restaurant kitchen equipment, pool/spa heaters, space heating and more – all while saving on certain energy costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.