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New Residential Construction Services

It's a proven fact, natural gas is preferred by your homebuyers. On average, natural gas homes sell faster and they sell for 6% more according to a national study prepared for the Energy Solutions Center by the National Association of Home Builders in 2010.

As a homebuilder, you'll see it firsthand: a new home outfitted with natural gas appliances (like a furnace, range, water heater, dryer or fireplace) generally sells more quickly and for more money than a new home with only electric appliance options.

When you choose to build homes with natural gas, you're giving homebuyers what they want - the quality, value and reliability of natural gas, plus the opportunity to upgrade with other natural gas amenities. When you build with natural gas, everyone benefits.

Benefits of Better Building

As Florida's largest natural gas provider, Peoples Gas has a reputation across the state for consistently providing the safest and most reliable natural gas infrastructure. Our knowledge, experience, and expertise in natural gas utilization are unmatched.

When you work with Peoples Gas, you're choosing to build your homes with an energy source that is:

  • Safe and reliable
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • A domestic fuel

By installing natural gas appliances and offering a menu of other energy-efficient and environmentally responsible options, you'll do more than build homes that are up to 30% more efficient, you may also qualify for financial incentives and marketing support to help your homes sell.

HERS Ratings
  • Energy Conservation Rebates

    Peoples Gas offers new home builders rebates for installing energy-efficient natural gas appliances. The rebates are per home and can add up when looking at the value of natural gas across an entire community.

    The Peoples Gas Energy Conservation Allowance program as approved by the Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC) is designed to help the natural gas customer offset costs initiated with piping and installations of gas appliances.

    Per the Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC), the following allowances are effective for appliances.

    Energy Conservation Rebates
    New Residential Home Builder
    Tank Water Heating $350*
    High Efficiency Tank Water Heating** $400*
    Tankless Water Heating $550*
    Heating $500*
    Cooking $150*
    Clothes Drying $100

    *Appliance must be installed for rebate.

    **High efficiency tank water heaters are defined by Peoples Gas as having an Energy factor (EF) of .63 or higher. View the Peoples Gas' list of qualified high efficiency tank water heaters. PDF Icon For more information on how Energy Factors are determined, visit EnergyStar.

    Allowances will be paid on single-family structures. In addition, the water heater or the central heating must be installed to receive the allowance for the range or dryer.

    In most instances, the energy conservation rebates for new residential construction are paid to the builder or developer. Allowances are available for Peoples Gas customers only. If building a custom home, residential customers may elect to receive an allowance check or have the allowance made payable to the appliance dealer or plumber/HVAC contractor and have the service bill reduced by that amount.

  • Lower Your HERS Rating

    Natural gas can you your homes meet more stringent rating requirements. In fact, Peoples Gas can help you achieve the scores needed to meet the standards of a number of green building programs including the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Florida Green Building Coalition (FBGC), Energy Star ©, and LEED for homes.

    Suggested Improvement Impact on HERS Index
    Condensing Gas Tankless EF .94 -9 points compared to standard tank
    HVAC 15 SEER -8 compared to 13 SEER
    80% CFL bulbs -7 as opposed to 10% CFL
    Insulate Cement Block Walls to R-8 -7 as opposed to R-4
    Low E Windows .65 .27 -6 as compared to insulated clear .80 .70
    Gas Tankless EF .82 -6 compared to standard tank
    HVAC and Ducts in Conditioned Space -6 compared to in unconditioned space
    Radiant Barrier -5 compared to R-30 as no barrier
    Ducts Sealed and Tested at .04 CFM -3 as opposed to default leakage


  • Homebuyer Expectations

    In a 2011 consumer insights study conducted by John Burns Real Estate Consulting, 96% of respondents shared they expect new construction to be energy efficient at no additional cost. At the same time, the survey also uncovered 74% are willing to pay up to $5,000 more for a home with energy-efficient features than a similar home without.

    Overwhelmingly, homebuyers are looking for amenities that help reduce monthly energy bills, and many are looking to make choices that are better for the environment, too.

    Take a closer look at how a natural gas tankless water heater can trim annual energy costs for Florida home buyers – all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions up to 46%.

    Average Annual Energy Cost Waterheating Florida

  • Amenities

    Your homebuyers can rely on natural gas to be more economical and energy-efficient without having to sacrifice comfort or style. Water Heating

    • Heats water up to twice as fast and ensures comfort even during a power outage
    • Tankless models are up to 40% more energy efficient and deliver green building points
    • Tankless models preserve precious square footage for other uses
    Home Heating
    • 94% efficient models or greater earn significant green building points
    • Sustainable energy and cost savings for the homeowner
    • Enhanced comfort with air up to 25 degrees warmer
    Clothes Drying
    • A greener laundry room for your eco-conscious homebuyer
    • Clothes are dry in nearly half the time
    • Reduced energy consumption means lower energy bills
    • Style and performance upgrade for the heart of the home
    • Precision control for the advanced cook
    • Energy savings and lower operating cost for the homeowner
    Outdoor Living
    • Extend living space with stylish outdoor room
    • Convenient, clean grilling for endless entertaining
    • Lighting adds ambiance without attracting insects
    • Ultimate in comfort and convenience
    • Easy to incorporate into any design
    • Enhanced indoor air quality over wood-burning
Did you know ...

96% of consumers expect new construction to be energy efficient at no additional cost. One easy way to improve a home's energy rating is with a natural gas tankless water heater – and it has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than an electric water heater does.

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