Spotlight on MobileGuard

Wael Khoury MobileGuard Media EventStorm season began on June 1, and to kick it off, Wael Khoury, Integrity Management Program Engineer with Peoples Gas, showcased a fleet vehicle outfitted with MobileGuard with area media and in a Facebook Live event.

MobileGuard is a cutting-edge, laser-based technology that detects and analyzes methane gas emissions, and uses special software and wind speed calculations to pinpoint the exact location of the emission sources. Peoples Gas is the first natural gas utility in Florida to use this technology.

We currently have two MobileGuard vehicles and will welcome another to our fleet this summer. They will be dispatched from our north, central and south territory offices. We use the MobileGuard vehicles to survey areas affected by severe weather, checking the natural gas system for leaks or damage that may have gone undetected, as well in areas where we are installing new or replacing legacy pipe. We also use the vehicles patrol areas near major events, like Tampa’s Gasparilla Parade of Pirates, major sporting events and more.

View the video to learn more about how MobileGuard helps Peoples Gas detect emissions to keep our system, our communities and the environment safe.