Local energy utilities are part of the community. In fact, Peoples Gas is built on community; we are part of the towns, cities and neighborhoods that rely on us to keep the gas on. The extensive pipeline infrastructure that makes this all possible is vital to the services we provide and keeping our customers, the public and our employees safe, secure and informed is paramount.

Safety is the highest priority for the natural gas industry and work is continually being done in that area. Peoples Gas is committed to promoting positive safety cultures among our employees throughout the state. All employees, as well as contractors and suppliers providing services, are expected to place the highest priority on employee, customer, public and pipeline safety.

In an Emergency: Peoples Gas is available 24-hours a day to respond to natural gas emergencies. Call 1-877 TECO PGS (1-877-832-6747) immediately if you smell gas or if you think you have come in contact with gas transmission piping while digging.

Leaks are given the utmost priority. Do not e-mail this information. Call us immediately.
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