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Cash-Back Rebates
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  • Cash-back rebates for your business

    The Peoples Gas Energy Conservation Allowance program as approved by the Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC) is designed to help the natural gas customer offset costs initiated with piping and installations of natural gas appliances.

    Commercial Rebates

    Replacement/Retrofit: A commercial natural gas customer who is replacing their existing electric appliance with a natural gas appliance.

    Five types of commercial applicants may qualify for Replacement/Retrofit rebates:

    Small Food Service
    Large Food Service
    Hospitality & Lodging
    Cleaning Service & Laundromat
    Non-Food Service/Hospitality/Cleaning

    For other equipment and special circumstances, see our Electric Resistance Replacement program.

    All requests for Commercial Gas Allowance Rebates must be pre-approved by TECO Peoples Gas. For specific qualifying information and the amounts of available rebates, click on the appropriate category above or in the column to the right.

    Peoples Gas has commercial account managers available to answer questions and assist you with identifying equipment that qualifies for the rebates. Find the account manager for your area.

    Allowances are available to Peoples Gas customers only. Customers may elect to receive an allowance check or have allowance made payable to the appliance dealer or plumber/HVAC contractor and have their service bill reduced by that amount. Allowance payments will not exceed the total amount paid for the appliance and installation, and are limited to the posted amount for each appliance.

    *Restrictions may apply. Contact a representative at the number below to determine if your appliance or equipment is eligible for the rebate.

    Call 877 TECO PGS (877-832-6747) for more information.

  • It's easy to request your rebate. Just follow these five simple steps:
    1. Print the Request for Commercial Gas Allowance Form PDF Document
    2. Fill out the form completely
    3. Include a copy of your dated installation and appliance invoice
    4. Choose the appropriate address from the list below
    5. Mail the completed form

    Note: Customer has up to one year from date of appliance purchase to submit for energy conservation rebates.

    West Florida

    Lakeland, Sarasota, Avon Park,
    St. Petersburg, Tampa

    EC Coordinator
    TECO Peoples Gas
    1400 Channelside Drive
    Tampa, Florida 33605

    North Florida

    EC Coordinator
    TECO Peoples Gas
    4040 Philips Highway
    Jacksonville, Florida 32207

    Panama City
    EC Coordinator
    TECO Peoples Gas
    3706 W. 23rd St.
    Panama City, Florida 32405

    EC Coordinator
    TECO Peoples Gas
    316 SW 33rd Avenue
    Ocala, Florida 34474

    South Florida

    EC Coordinator
    TECO Peoples Gas
    1722 Ridgewood Avenue
    Holly Hill, FL 32117

    EC Coordinator
    TECO Peoples Gas
    1724 Kurt St
    Eustis FL 32726

    Fort Lauderdale, Miami,
    North Miami, Jupiter, Palm Beach

    EC Coordinator
    TECO Peoples Gas
    1363 Jupiter Park Drive
    Jupiter, FL 33458

    Fort Myers
    EC Coordinator
    TECO Peoples Gas
    5901 Enterprise Parkway
    Fort Myers, FL 33905

    EC Coordinator
    TECO Peoples Gas
    600 West Robinson Street
    P.O. Box 2433
    Orlando, FL 32802

Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas is the one energy source that is:

  • Efficient,
  • Reliable,
  • Safe,
  • Carbon-friendly,
  • Produced in America and
  • Economical.

Natural gas is the best choice for commercial and industrial applications that require efficient heating applications – water heaters and boilers, restaurant kitchen equipment, pool/spa heaters, space heating and more – all while saving on certain energy costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.